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"The people of Long Island have a little known "jewel in their midst." I speak of Ms. Nanette Fluhr, 'Master Classic Portraiture' of Dix Hills, N.Y. Ms Fluhr's uncompromising classic style is unrivaled in both technique and composition. I am no novice to the art community. Having a 40 year collection, as well as, being the recipient of two Smithsonian Awards in 1967 and 1969 I feel completely confident in stating that Nanette Fluhr is one of the finest Portrait Artists in the world. In 1998 Mrs. Fluhr completed a life size portrait of my wife, Cher. Few times in life does one's purchase have such a lasting sense of joy and beauty. I am looking forward to my daughter's portrait." -Bob Podesta

"When I learned that Queens Library wanted to honor the memory of former board member Judge Robert T. Groh by commissioning an artist to paint his portrait, I immediately thought of you. Having already collaborated on the portrait of Rabbi Barton Shallat which currently hangs in the lobby of Temple Beth El in Huntington, New York, I knew of your high level of artistic talent and personable demeanor. The Library's Board of Directors solicited proposals from numerous artists seeking to paint Judge Groh's portrait, and after extensive review, they selected you as the artist of choice. The portrait of Judge Groh now hangs in the newly dedicated Robert T. Groh Executive Board Room. It beautifully represents the character, dignity and personal warmth of Judge Groh, and serves as a wonderful tribute to this distinguished gentleman. On behalf of everyone at Queens Library, I want to express our appreciation for your creative effort. You were able to artistically capture a likeness that is treasured by all who view it, and I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone interested in having a portrait painted." -Peter Wayne, Associate Director, Queens Library Foundation

"After all these years my father and I are still in awe of the magnificent portrait you painted of my mother. You did a remarkable job of capturing her essence, especially the twinkle in her eye. I'm so amazed at how close this work of beauty brings me to my mother." -Alan Lund

"To be presented with a large portrait was beyond my imagination. Each time that I look I discover the many details that were captured by the artist. The design, the colors, and the frame are just wonderful. I absolutely love the painting." -Manuel H. Barron, Founder Barron's Educational Series

"The painting is absolutely magnificent! It will bring joy to our family and smiles to our faces for many years to come. Your professionalism is surpassed only by your unbelievable talent. I look forward to someday working with you again." -Arthur Dhom, Jr., President, Pride Solvents and Chemicals Co.

"We love the way you captured our little boy and although he's all grown up now, every time we look at his painting it takes us back in time. We truly appreciate your wonderful talent." -Leslie Hardy

"We are so happy we invested in having a portrait done of our daughter when she was a little girl. We just love it and enjoy it more and more as time goes by.... thank you for keeping her forever young in our hearts... You are a very talented artist indeed and we are so grateful to have found you." -Leslie Hardy

"It has been at least 14-15 years ago that you painted her portrait and I still stop to admire it as I reach the top of our curved staircase in our home where we have it on display. You captured a transient moment in Diane's life and made the portrait extraordinary. It expresses her personality and you captured her likeness so well, that I feel that the portrait appears to 'breathe.' " -Morton Frank

"We are so delighted and thrilled with our work of art. I love my painting - it's one of my most treasured possessions. Everyone who comes into my home remarks on it's beauty. I feel so fortunate to have found you." -Elizabeth Mullen


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