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Artist with painting of "Cher" Oil on canvas, 72" x 40"
Collection Mr. and Mrs. Podesta (click to enlarge)
"Thank you for our most treasured possession. Few times in life does one's purchase have such a lasting sense of joy and beauty." –Bob Podesta

My passion for art began in my early youth and my life's endeavor is to create beautiful art. Representational portraiture is my principal avenue in that pursuit. It is the challenge of capturing a faithful likeness of my sitter, which I firmly believe must include the articulation of each subject's persona, that I find most compelling. I approach each painting as an opportunity to try to discover the truth of an individual's essence.

I draw my inspiration from the Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Ingres, Bouguereau, and from Sargent and Paxton. Guided by their principles handed down to me by my mentor John Frederick Murray, I aspire to the high standards that these Masters established. As a side light, I have become a noted copyist in an effort to study them with the depth and focus they deserve.

Frequently, my clients tell me that their portraits are their most treasured possessions, bringing smiles to their faces. I take these statements as affirmation that my pursuit has as its end an enduring quality, which is the true compensation for my work. I feel very fortunate that my talent brings joy into the lives of others, and that my paintings might be passed down from generation to generation as part of the legacy of the people I depict.

I also endeavor to give back through my work at the easel through my involvement with Smile Train, the largest worldwide organization committed to repairing cleft palates. For every commission I receive I donate a portion of my fees to Smile Train for a cleft palate surgery. Each portrait I paint enables an afflicted child to smile for the first time. I’m thrilled that my “palette” contributes in a meaningful way to so worthy a cause.


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